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Holomontas - Hanioti Village Resort


Discover the secrets of North and Central Halkidiki.
Driving through mountains and forests you can visit Poliyiros and traditional village of Arnea, Stratoni. Enjoy one last stay at the small village of Pyrkadikia before returning back.
The rich forest Holomontas the provinces Arnaias and Poligirou is usually snowy winter and offers unforgettable tours. Pines, firs, oaks and beeches interspersed with chestnut and olive oaks and abundant are the streams and springs.
The air is so clean , that cuts your breath.
The biodiversity of the forest favors the development of a large population of game and wild animals and birds. Indeed hunting hare and wild boar is very prevalent in the area.
Meteora - Hanioti Village Resort


Visit Meteora - Kalambaka
Meteora is an area in Thessaly (central Greece) and Kalampaka is the city under the rock towers of Meteora. The thing that makes Meteora so special is the monasteries on the top of the rock towers.
The monasteries,the amount of peaks to climb and the paths for hiking brings many tourists to Meteora all year round.
The Meteora is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second only to Mount Athos. The six monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars, at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the Pineios river and Pindus Mountains, in central Greece.
The nearest town is Kalambaka.
Thessaloniki sightseeing - Hanioti Village Resort

Thessaloniki sightseeing

Visit Thessaloniki City
Explore the cultural treasures and historical legacy of Thessaloniki in this sightseeing tour. See the hip, cosmopolitan face of Thessaloniki in a morning spent among its shops and cafes.
Visit the White Tower, an iconic landmark that has repelled foreign invaders and housed Ottoman prisoners over the course of five centuries.
Waterland - Hanioti Village Resort
Waterland - Theme park Thessaloniki
Near the city of Thessaloniki, is a site of enormous proportions and equally big variety of slides, swimming pools and hydro-massage facilities.
Other facilities include self-service restaurant, coffee shop, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts and many happenings during the day.
Complete facilities, which include doctor, lifeguard outposts and swimming instructors, make this place a perfectly safe venue of fun, peace and relaxation.
Cruise to Mount Athos - Hanioti Village Resort
Cruise to Mount Athos
Mount Athos Cruise
Sail close enough to the shore of the Athos peninsula in Halkidiki and see the spectacular monasteries clinging to the cliffs; but this is as close as you can get, as access is allowed to men only!
The Greeks refer to Mount Athos as “The Holy Mountain” where no females (not even female animals) and children are allowed access.
Scuba Diving - Hanioti Village Resort
Scuba Diving
Discover SCUBA Diving is an exciting experience that introduces people to scuba diving in a highly supervised and relaxed manner.
The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program lets you experience the thrill of diving under the supervision of a PADI Professional in pool or pool-like conditions. During your adventure, you’ll master some basic concepts and scuba skills and might even head off to experience an open water adventure.
What do I need to start? Minimum age: 10 & A completed and signed Discover Diving brochure.
What will I do? When you participate in a Discover Diving program, you discover excitement and adventure - freedom and serenity. Nothing compares to the “weightless” exhilaration of breathing underwater. Only a diver knows the feeling!
Cave of Petralona - Hanioti Village Resort
Cave of Petralona
The cave of Petralona “embellished” with stalagmites and stalactites is located in the west foot of the Katsika (Goat) mountain and in an altitude of about 300 meters from the level of sea. It was found in 1959 by the inhabitant of Petralona.
The systematic excavations of the Cave began in 1965 by the founder of the Anthropologic Company of Greece, anthropologist professor Aris Paulianos. His researches proved that the Arhanthropos is about 700.000 years old, and this makes him the “oldest” European.
The entrance is allowed daily from 9 a.m. to one hour before the sunsets.
Kassandra Jeep Safari - Hanioti Village Resort
Kassandra Jeep Safari
Jeep safari starting with a brief stop to the village of Afitos, where the eye-catching architecture of stone and wood makes the combination of nature/city seem very inviting, the tour proceeds to the village of Kassandria, where a bazaar takes place.

A unique experience in Kassandra …
Starting with a brief stop to the village of Afytos, where the eye-catching architecture of stone and wood makes the combination of nature/city seem very inviting, the tour proceeds to the village of Kassandria, where a bazaar takes place.
The guests will have enough time to browse through the goods, before they stop at the village of Nea Skioni for a tasty light lunch. Passing through the western side of Kassandra, the bus stops at one of the beautiful beaches of Kassandra, where the guests can bathe or relax under the sun.
Sailing cruises Halkidiki - Hanioti Village Resort
Sailing cruises Halkidiki
Sailing cruises to Kelyfos island and Toroneos gulf
Enjoy a unique sailing cruise with Sailing Yachts in Halkidiki, in Toroneos bay by going to Kelyfos island.
Within 12 meters of the luxury of the design, decoration and amenities will satisfy every you need.
Enjoy a unique Sailing Yacht Experience along with your family and friends, with the wonderful boat that can accommodate up to 8 people, on a cruise only with you and the skipper.
Toroneos Cruise - Hanioti Village Resort
Toroneos Cruise
The beautiful Toroneos gulf is located between the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia.
It is well known for its blue crystal waters and the breathtaking view of the scenery and the coastlines of the two peninsulas. Among these in the Toroneos gulf, is also an island of Halkidiki, which is called ‘Kelyfos’.
This cruise trip is perfect for you, if you want to spend a day enjoying the sea, sun and the amazing landscapes of the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia.
Tickets to Toroneos Cruise from Pefkochori (Tickets)
Our departure point is the port of Pefkohori, in Kassandra.
Day Tour to Lake Kerkini - Hanioti Village Resort
Day Tour to Lake Kerkini
Our day trip will begin really early in the morning, considering the fact that the route duration is approximately three hours.
A unique day tour to Kerkini Lake
On the way to Lake Kerkini we will make a stop for breakfast and will arrive at 10:00 to Lake Kerkini.
Free time 6 hours. As the area is naturally a marshland, it is home to buffaloes and other wild life.
This excursion will let you enjoy one of the most unknown and original regions of northern Greece. In the proximity of the lake you can enjoy a boat tour, rent a bike or make a horse ride.
You can enjoy a long walking and stop at a local coffee shop or tavern to taste the local products, take beautiful pictures, breathe unpolluted air.
The natural beauty of the region, the high ecological significance of the lake and its contribution to the agricultural development of the surrounding valley are the reasons that make it worth visiting.
Kerkini lake is an artificial lake in north - eastern Greece, around 100 km. away from Thessaloniki, in a natural region most unspoiled and famous for its beautiful landscapes of forests and mountains, green planes and water streams.
Through artificial, Kerkini lake has turned into an important landmarks where wildlife has been able to develop. Today this is one of the most relevant birding site, as it is located along the migratory flyway from the Balkans to the Aegean Sea.
Day Tour to Pella - Vergina - Hanioti Village Resort
Day Tour to Pella - Vergina
Departure for the visit of the archaeological site of Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia and birthplace of Alexander the Great.
Guided tour of the site and the museum.
Continuation to the archaeological site of Vergina, once the capital of the Macedonian kingdom and nowadays one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece. Visit of the museum with the Royal tomb of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great.
Free time for lunch and return to your hotel.